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What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons are a design sprint-like event, where groups of participants develop projects or products as part of a creative problem solving process. The participants are faced with a technological, political or social issue that they have to find innovative solutions to, while receiving topical inputs and mentoring by experts in the field.

When and where?

The “Moria Camp Hackathon” is a 2-day online workshop, where like-minded liberal people come together  from all over the Europe, to provide different solutions to the refugee crisis.

Moria Camp Hackathon

During the past few months, there has been an escalation in the conflicts regarding the refugee crisis in Greece and Southern Europe. The fire outbreak in the Moria Camp, indicated in the most horrible way the ineffective handling of the situation from the Greek and the European governments. The situation is currently in a critical point, due to the rise of hate speech, right- and left-wing populism and to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. All in all, it is immensely important that we, the liberal youth of Europe, overcome the barriers and inaction of governmental bodies and search for effective and long-term sustainable solutions to the refugee crisis.

Having the Moria fires humanitarian crisis as our starting point, we, the Young Liberal Greece, with the support of FNF Greece and LYMEC, will organize the Moria Camp Hackathon. The purpose of this Hackathon is that Greek and European liberal youth come together in a online environment, in order to exchange views, learn from each other and from experts, work together in innovative solutions and eventually create fresh, robust, daring and innovative solutions to the Greek and European refugee crisis.


  • To inform and further problematize Greek and European youth about the refugee crisis under a liberal perspective.
  • To present tangible and achievable, yet ambitious ways in which the Greek and European societies can alleviate or even solve the refugee crisis through the use of digital technologies, partnerships, and interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • To improve the current situation in Greek islands and refugee camps, by implementing the Hackathon outcomes.
  • To promote the liberal ideas and values regarding the refugee crisis and increase our media coverage and membership in Young Liberals Greece and LYMEC.

Awards are going to be announced.👀💌

You can find the “Moria Hackathon” Invitation and the Registration Form or contact us in

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